Meghan Loves You

meghan esaMeghan is there for you. You know Meghan. She’s the beautiful black cat who spends her time on the lower lanai begging for food. Did you know that she is Kalani’s official support animal? She is registered with the Official ESA Registration of America, and is ready for your emotional needs. Had a rough shift and feel like nobody cares? Meghan cares. Why not relax at the lower lanai and scratch Meghan behind the ears? You will feel so much better as Meghan absorbs your pain. Had a spat with your boyfriend/girlfriend/whatever-friend? Haul Meghan up onto your lap and pet her and let your worries drift away. Did you just watch as your best friend in the entire world was driven away in a departure van and now you want to cry? Meghan doesn’t mind if you cry. Snuggle close to her and give her your tears. She will compost them to create a rainbow just for you. Always remember, whatever the circumstance and whatever the situation, Meghan loves you. She is your emotional support animal and she is waiting for your pain.


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