The New GM of Housekeeping!

4_8He’s cute, he’s irresistible, all you want to do is pet him the minute your eyes lay on him and we assume he’s a he. His name is Haiku (yes, like the 5-7-5 syllable poem). Found abandoned by his clan wandering along the long and and treacherous road he was found crying, seeking help. The little guy was watched for a few hours to ensure mama and papa mongoose weren’t coming back 4_9for him before two community members took him in. Haiku’s charisma, charm and fierceness for alerting offenders to back off if they came on too strong quickly elevated him to a place of respect. A leader was obviously emerging from the small being and it came as no surprise when he was announced as the new GM of housekeeping less than a week after his rescue. Every great leader has interesting beginnings and we were certainly intrigued to hear about Haiku’s. We turned to Crystal (mama human-goose who co-parents with Louis, papa human-goose) to find out more about his auspicious start. Luckily for us, Crystal speaks fluent mongoose along with Haiku’s Auntie Diki, and they were able to fill in the blanks for us. According to Crystal and Diki, in the world of the mongoose it’s the father who stays home with the young ones while the mother goes out to hunt. Normally this scenario works out 4_10quite well for mongooses*, but not in the case of little Haiku. You see, put bluntly, Haiku’s father was a player. Plain and simple. Instead of staying home watching the young, he was out chasing tail, no doubt bow-chica-wowing with many other eligible and perhaps gullible mongeese*. Haiku’s biological mother could not be found for an interview, but it’s our speculation that like many human males, Haiku’s father was just not ready for that kind of commitment. No doubt he wanted to sow his seeds while he was still young and virile. Regardless, their loss was our community’s gain! So thanks inept papa mongoose!

*Editor’s note: While Googling ‘what is the plural of mongoose’ information popped up that both ‘mongooses’ and ‘mongeese’ was appropriate. Mind you we only did a 5 second skim of the information, so for all we know there actually is a proper plural version of ‘mongoose’… We just couldn’t be bothered to find out what it was.


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