Agent of Satan Establishing Devil Cult at Kalani

satanThis is life at Kalani for you all are accepted. Do you think we care about anybody’s race, skin color, sexual orientation or religious creed? Of course we don’t, so why would we care that young volunteer Sheldon is a devil worshiping spawn of the dark lord himself, Satan? He is you know, but we love him anyway. Here is Sheldon’s story in a nutshell. Sheldon comes from a small town somewhere on mainland, America. It’s one of those God-fesatan-2aring,
Jesus loving, holy rolling towns. Can I have a “Hallelujah!” Anyway, this small town religious fervor kind of made Sheldon feel left out. He couldn’t even walk around town with his natural hair color, the bright vibrant red
we know him to have now. Redheads, if you don’t know are, all of them born of Satan. This is well documented as a simple Google search will reveal. Who belongs anywhere where they are made to feel bad for being who they are? Nobody. So Sheldon did what any right minded person would do. He left that town and came to Kalani, where we can all be who we truly are. If you think it is scary to live and work with one of Satan’s chosen ones, don’t. Satanist are just regular people like the rest of us. Satanists like to dance. Satanists like fire. Satanists like to cuddle. Get to know Sheldon.
Get to know him and experience his ways. Get to know Satan through Sheldon. You might like him. If Sheldon wants to form a Satanic cult here at Kalani, what’s the problem? This is who Sheldon is, and he has a right to be just that.


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