Hurricane Edition: Lester- Just Another NoShow

storm-1We were promised a special visitor this past week. We all worked hard to clean the campus up and welcome him. We all really looked forward to
his visit. We assumed he would be thrilled that Hale Aloha has reopened and is doing good business, and he would want to pay a visit and at least enjoy a chicken wrap or some ice cream. We even ordered his favorite flavor- Twinky ice cream. If that’s not love, what is? But then at the last minute, he never showed up. He decided to head over to Oahu instead. Who is this, you ask? It was of course our dear friend, Lester. He didn’t give us any reason for his no-show, but there are some theories floating around. One is that he had urgent business in Honolulu. Another is that he was afraid of Pele. But the most popular theory is that it was all a terrible scheme to get us to turn on each other and assign blame to one another for his absence. The theory further postulates that Lester did this to get a good laugh at the trouble he stirred up for us as he sits back watching us say things to one another such as, “It’s your fault Lester didn’t show up. You didn’t work hard enough during the deep clean.”’ And “Lester would have visited if you opened your heart to him a little wider.” If this is true, then, wow. What a miserable wanker that Lester turned out to be. Assuming that final theory is true, let’s not let him win. Let’s not give in as Lester bates us into fighting with one another. Let’s show Lester that in the good times and the bad, we pull together. Nothing or nobody tears us
apart. We are ohana, and we are strong. So, go on your way, Lester. Enjoy Oahu. Kalani is looking good right now. Maybe the next special visitor will appreciate it just a little more, and maybe even stick around .


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