Meghan Needs Your Love

meghanMuch has changed since we reported that Meghan is the emotional support animal of Kalani. The volunteers have become much more emotionally stable and less in need of her service. So now- poor Meghan. She is in need of emotional support of her own. She has become the hungry hippo of Kalani, devouring snacks like a stoned teenager. She is so cute as she waddles around the lanai like a wounded Ninja in a jet black coat. But due to overeating and emotional distress from lackluster boredom, Meghan has personally told us she needs an intervention on her food addiction. She has recently called Oprah network and hired a cat translator to express the issue.

Let’s dig deeper into the issue. Meghan, for years, has been dining with geckos in an extended food dream, but recently she was banned and is now missing the delicious snacks from the lanai. Her self love is derived from handouts, and she’s having a hard time coming to terms with the all the  shuing from the passive aggressive Lanai.


The good news is Meg is standing on her own again, chasing mongoose in a slow gaspIng fashion. She recently enrolled in crossfit and is a expressing body positive image. She has been spotted playing the Rocky soundtrack and kicking the heavy bag, alongside a new boy toy cat- a mysterious tom cat seen slinking around the lower lanai. Could there be a love in Meghan’s life? Go Meghan go! You can survive!


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