Follow up on Mama Dee

warIn our last issue we reported the unsettling story of Mamma Dee’s flee from justice
after her brutal attack on poor, innocent, Baby Dee. Since this report, a number ofincredible developments have flooded our office via the Associated Press (AP) newswire. Presented here is a summary of the reports we have had a chance to read so far. Mamma Dee has last been seen in the forests of upstate Oregon. Relying on pure survival instinct,
she made it to a logger’s bunkhouse where she burst through the door, startling the lumberjacks there. The biggest of the loggers, a giant of a man named Seph Joe, instinctively grabbed his sawed off shotgun and aimed it at Mamma Dee. But Mamma Dee was undeterred. “Don’t none of ya’ll be a hero! I’m a desperate woman!” She said. And then, to emphasize her point, she grabbed one of the loggers and held him by the neck in a death grip, a mere flinch away from killing him “I live in Hawaii!” She went on to say for no apparent reason. When Seph Joe relented and put the gun down, Mamma Dee released her grip and the logger who fell to the floor gasping for air. Then the police showed up and were yelling at her through a bullhorn. “Put your hands up and come out!” To which
Mamma Dee yelled back, “I was framed! I didn’t do nothing!” Then, spying a plate glass window at the far end of the bunkhouse, she ran for it and crashed through it. She ran and ran and ran, crashing through the forest, tearing through the trees, jumping over shrubs. Before long, she found herself on the precipice of an incredible cliff with nowhere left to run. With the hounds closing in, Mamma Dee had no choice but to jump. So she did. She
jumped and flew through the air into a redwood just below her where she crashed and crashed and crashed through the branches, each one breaking her fall just a little more and a little more until finally she reached the ground below with a huge gash in her left arm which she stitched up with a needle and thread she kept inside the handle of her survival knife. From there, she disappeared into the woods, still at large, still on the run.
Will she be apprehended? Will she turn herself in? As of yet, there is just no way to know. We will continue to track this incredible story and will keep you posted as developments occur.


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